We are Havana Harbor. A Creative Agency with expert skills in every touch point of the digital experience. A vibrant hub of passionate professionals. Together we design and create effective, innovative, and end-to-end customer journeys. We produce and optimise online campaigns, websites, banners, online video, digital out-of-home, and other rich media creatives. Customised digital communications. On an ongoing basis – because an always-on strategy needs always-on digital production.

FROM Quality
Banners TO
Digital experiences

We started with the design and development of digital campaign creatives in 2010 under the name of Qban. Short for quality banners. Because we were the go-to experts when it comes to banners. Today, not only are we banner experts, we are skilled in many other areas as well. Based on our forward-thinking vision for the digital landscape, we have developed and grown consistently every year since 2010. Each year we have added more people, more experience, more knowledge, and more expertise. We went from quality banners to digital experiences. And outgrew our name Qban. Since 2018, we deliver effective digital communication as Havana Harbor.
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