Marketers want to track the performance of their digital marketing activities everywhere and anytime to make sure they achieve their strategic goals and objectives. But the rapid pace of digitalisation is putting a lot of marketing communication teams under a great deal of pressure.


At the same time, the performance of websites and platforms depends a great deal on the available capacity and expertise: content isn’t up to date, campaign pages don't convert, meta tagging can’t be found, videos with high click-out rates, updates are behind, etc., etc.

The ‘Studio as a Service’ concept of Havana Harbor is an effective way of embedding external knowledge and capacity in your own in-house marketing team. Enabling the marketing team to regain control and achieve their strategic marketing goals.

Studio as a Service

Havana Harbor provides a dedicated digital team, with a service manager and experienced digital experts, that can take care of all the web management activities associated with CMS, content publication, and UX design. We call that Studio as a Service.


Dedicated web team

Our service manager will provide daily support to the in-house marketing team, and can be contacted 24/7 via the online ticket system. So  the marketing team can concentrate on achieving their targets, while our web team makes sure they have an up-to-date website that is optimised on a daily basis.

How does it work?

After a short onboarding process, your Studio as a Service team will usually be up and running within 1-4 weeks. The StaaS team will work according to clearly-defined service windows and service agreements on the basis of a fixed fee per month, with the added option of extra capacity whenever you need it.


The Studio as a Service concept is highly flexible and scalable. We work in close co-creation with your in-house marketing team, and ensure the continuous optimisation of your website and digital marketing. By adapting quickly to ensure an effective response to rapidly-changing market conditions. The strength of the Candid platform means we can call in virtually any type of expertise whenever we need to. From creation, digital design, CRO, CXO, development, advertising, and video production, to data analysts, programmatic, social media, and media specialists.

Want to find out how we can help you?

Don’t hesitate and  get in touch with Alex van Straaten at Havana Harbor via alex@havanaharbor.com.

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