Havana Harbor launches new Tikkie brand campaign

Havana Harbor launches new Tikkie brand campaign with catchy tune: ‘Lekker in de flow’

The campaign highlights all Tikkie applications

Amsterdam, 07 April – The payment request app Tikkie aimed to make sending payment requests to family or friends more convenient and fun for several years now. By now, Tikkie has become more than just the most used payment request app for consumers, also offering several solutions for businesses.

Something that clearly stands out in the new Tikkie brand campaign: Lekker in de flow. De campaign is launched on the 7th of April featuring a soundtrack from Willem de Bruin, better known as Willy from The Opposites. “Lekker in de flow” is cheerful, upbeat and swift. Just like the app itself.


Most people associate “a Tikkie” with a payment request after for example having a drink in the (hopefully opening soon) pub with some friends or pitching in for a group present for someone’s birthday. But Tikkie nowadays also simplifies business transactions for (one-man) businesses. That’s why the new solutions Tikkie Check and Tikkie Terug*, focused on use in restaurant business and cash back promotions, are widely covered in the new campaign.


Creative agency Havana Harbor originated the concept for the campaign: “With Tikkie it remains easy and fun paying for something.This message is clearly standing out in all brand campaigns we created together with Tikkie. The same optimistic message can be found in “Lekker in de Flow”,says Fabienne Jungerhans, Commercial Director Havana Harbor. “Apart from video, music is the perfect medium to convey this message. The soundtrack from Willem gives this campaign exactly the right dimensions.”


Appealing and catchy tune

Moreno Kensmil, Head of Marketing at Tikkie, agrees and thinks the campaign exudes the typical Tikkie-vibes. “From buying groceries with promotions to paying fast and easy for lunch along the way to your next appointment. With our app we try to make these things easier and more fun, so that you can spend your time on other, more important things. In other words: Keep Tikkie handy, and stay in the flow.The tune by Willem that is featured in the campaign is not only appealing and cheerful, but also optimally highlights our propositions.




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