Noordhoff takes digital learning to a next level with OUR STUDIO AS A service

With the campaign "Leerkrachtiger", Noordhoff and Havana Harbor are launching Junior Cloud, a new innovative digital learning environment for elementary schools. The platform has been softly launched, to be further developed during 2021 and 2022 in co-creation with contributing teachers. But how do you motivate these teachers as both your target group and as a test user, during development? How do you keep the attention ánd stay relevant towards the launch of the platform? And how do you set up a Go To Market strategy, when the product roadmap can change per phase? You are about to find out!


These are challenging times for the nearly 7,000 elementary school in the Netherlands. Themes such as inequality of opportunity, language skills, media literacy, Covid and learning disabilities are just the tip of the iceberg. Naturally, this has quite the impact on a teacher's workload who, in addition to already challenging issues with learning, motivating and keeping order in the classroom, nowadays has to face the difficulties surrounding these themes.


Marsha Muller, marketing manager Noordhoff Primary Education: “We are the first publisher in the Netherlands to develop a digital learning environment where the growth of each student, the individual qualities of a teacher and personal goals are central. Noordhoff has been the largest publisher in education for years, but in primary education we are still the challenger. By working together with teachers and putting ourselves out in the market to get all the teachers on board, we can make a real impact. Only this way we can make every student grow and offer equal learning opportunities.”  


With Junior Cloud, Noordhoff wants to challenge the competition and regain the leading position. Havana Harbor was asked to develop Junior Cloud's brand positioning and launch campaign.


Go To Market in 3 Phases

The biggest challenge is to make the marketing agile, to continuously keep up with the direction and timelines of Junior Cloud's development path in terms of creation, production and design. Having a strong brand positioning and a shared vision on both client and agency side is essential. Only then you can accelerate.


Alex van Straaten, Business Director at Havana Harbor: "Especially in education, the shift to online received an unprecedented boost. According to a McKinsey report (link below), the Corona pandemic has accelerated digital transformation by 7 years. But what does that really mean for you as a teacher, in your day-to-day job in front of the classroom? Before digital transformation, teachers may have more important other priorities first. Therefore, we do not only collected data and insights from the target group, but also continuously validate our concepts with experts from the field during the creation process, with both online user panels and focus groups. During weekly Kitchen reviews we also worked closely with the experts on Noordhoff side."


The brand positioning and campaign concept were developed in close collaboration with the target group. ‘Leerkrachtiger’ became the core message of the (online) launch campaign. With a focus on stories from teaching in practice, growth of students and teachers' motivations.  



The launch

During phase 2, the online launch campaign, a digital first strategy was applied based on the see/think/do/care model. Not typical for the traditional education market, but entirely in line with the challenger position of Junior Cloud. The result: By early 2021, Junior Cloud is known in every classroom through owned, paid and earned media. Marsha Muller: “The Junior Cloud brand was put on the map in no time! Through our own channels and website, but especially through the strong presence on LinkedIn, Pinterest, Youtube, Facebook and Instagram.”


Always on

Becoming visible is one thing, staying visible however, is a completely different ballgame. Therefore, to stay in the attention of teachers, an always-on strategy was used after the launch, to keep communicating about the USPs and developments of the platform. Parallel to the Junior Cloud's product roadmap, the focus here shifts from upper funnel to lower funnel over time. As a result, leads and trial licenses are gradually converted to premium licenses.


van Straaten: "We have set up a flexible digital team, which is operational every day and knows the strategy and annual marketing goals of Noordhoff. With our Studio as a Service model, Havana Harbor is prepared in case our clients suddenly need to focus on a different priority the next month."


Always on calls for continuous alignment of touch points and content to ensure the growth of the online customer experience with Junior Cloud. Whereby marketing, sales and publishers of Noordhoff remain continuously involved. Assuring the agility and flexibility needed to achieve this.


Muller: “The marketing of Noordhoff primary education has become very agile with thanks to this way of working. The content is now updated continuously based on seasonality and the product roadmap of course, but also on external influences such as Covid-19 and the implications it has on education. We can accelerate, scale up and adjust where and when necessary. Keeping short lines of communication and a clear way of working with the team at Havana Harbor, really gives me the feeling that our team has expanded!”


A dedicated Studio as a Service team works in sprints, is agile and flexible and prevents you from working fragmented with separate projects and other teams. This creates maximum agility, creativity and quality. From strategy, creation and (content)production to design, UX and development. Studio as a Service teams think up and realize everything needed to achieve the KPIs of your marketing campaign.

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