Multinational enters into 5-year partnership with multidisciplinary agency

On 1 July 2021, Unilever Netherlands added the Rotterdam creative agency Havana Harbor to its preferred supplier list. Following a request for proposal issued by Unilever, Havana Harbor signed a five year collaboration agreement with the multinational corporation.

This means Havana Harbor is now a preferred supplier of digital services to all the Unilever brands. This includes all the creative aspects of Strategy, concept development, and production.

The team is excited about the prospect of working with Unilever. "Not only because we can put our digital DNA to work for Unilever and its brands, but also through the seamless integration of our services with the services of their other suppliers," said Maarten van Scheijndel, Creative Director at Havana Harbor.

Although the collaboration officially started on 1 July, Havana Harbor had already worked on digital campaigns for Conimex, Breyers Delight, and Knorr. 


“Havana Harbor knows how to use digital content and channels to activate specific target groups,” says van Scheijndel. “We specialise in personalised campaigns: there’s a perfect ad for everyone, created by the perfect combination of content, form, and medium. Only by continuously challenging the relevance can we deliver the most effective campaigns”.


Havana Harbor is part of Candid, the biggest marcom platform in the Netherlands, which offers a combination of, modern media companies, creative agencies, and data services.

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