Campaign strategies

We love giving advice and support when it comes to campaign strategies. We will work together with your media agency and advise you on the best strategy and media mix to ensure a successful campaign.

Content strategies
We develop content strategies. We also prepare content calendars for the planning and solid implementation of the strategy. As well as the production of the necessary content, such as advertorials, videos, social media posts, banners, infographics, folder, and much more.

Support and advice
We give advice about website optimisation based on our quick scans and conversion analytics. We optimise websites to ensure the achievement of conversion targets.
We advise about always-on strategies and the creative development of these strategies. We work together with your media agency to ensure the optimal implementation.

Support and advise
We give advise and support the uniform presentation of brand values and identities in display advertising.
Campaign Strategy
We translate theme-based campaigns and concepts into effective and recognisable digital content. We work together with clients, creative agencies, and media agencies to ensure the optimal utilisation of digital content and channels

Digital Concept
We design and build digital concepts. We develop concepts based on the established brand identity that can be used in pre-rolls, social posts, banners, and rich media.

User Experience
We develop webdesign concepts. Ideas that will enhance your story and bring out the look and feel of your website. We make sure you have a solid concept before the UX team starts working on the design.

User Experience 
We analyse, develop, and optimise UX journeys. We perform and analysis to make sure the ux journey is aligned with the objectives of the website or campaign. Based on this analysis, we can advise you about the best way to optimise the UX design, or tell you if you need a complete redesign.
We develop storyboards and wireframes that bring concepts and journeys to life. An essential step in the development of a (new) visual design.

Concepts for every aspect of digital communication
We design all the essential elements of digital communication, including campaign content, landing pages, website, illustrations, and much more.
We make everything and anything that is related to digital marketing.

Banners & dynamic banners

(Interactive) Videos. From production to post-production.

Rich Media
Rich media, such as Homepage-takeovers
Gamification applicaties. This includes mini-games in banners, for both desktop and mobile.

Websites & Landings pages 

Social Media campaigns
We report on the effectivess of campaigns, e-commerce flows, and (end-to-end) customer journeys.

We analyse how users respond to content; what they like, and what they don't like.

We develop solutions using the same tools our clients work with, plus our own dedicated software solutions for optimal reporting.
We optimise campaign content based on reports. Sometimes even a small adjustment to font sizes, call-to-actions, or animation-duration can make a huge difference. Landing pages can also be continuously monitored and evaluated to optimise campaigns and journeys for maximum response.
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